▽Space With Natural Light
▽Space With Natural Light and Artificial Light
▽Space With Natural Light, Artificial Light and Candle
▽Space With Natural Light
▽Space With Natural Light and Artificial Light

This project is where I began to think about the relationship between natural light and artificial light. 
You may notice that the different roles a window plays in between inside space and outside space as I did. During daytime, when the natural light is so strong and the artificial light is weak, people in the building can see throughout, while people stand outside can hardly see in. However during nighttime, when natural light is gone and artificial light is very bright, windows become a screen inviting people standing outside to see what is happening in this building. 
There is a dynamic change of which kind of light is in the dominant position. And this light change also changed the atmosphere from public to intimate. How will this change work? I create this project to find out.

Between Them

Type:  Installation

Location:  Bloomfield Hills, MI, US

Project Year:  2018

Project Size:  3.6*2.4*1 Ft 

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