Reflection Door

To me, a door is always the most attractive part of a building. When we talk about a tactile experience, a movement experience, and architecture, the door becomes an essential architectural element. 
First, a door is a part of vertical envelope enclosure. Compared to the wall, the door is the part with which people have a physical experience. 
Open the door. It’s such a simple action that includes many layers of meaning. We have to touch it, push or pull it, feel its texture, know its gravity, and experience passing through it. It contains a tactile feeling, a direct interaction between the human and the building, and a movement with direction.  
Second, the door is an obstruction between the inside and outside, between the natural and artificial environments. After we pass through one door, temperature, smell, moisture, and illumination are all changed. Therefore, the door is not only an obstruction between two spaces but also an obstruction between two lasting experiences. 
This project is an experiment, to let users focus on this interaction. I choose MDF to create the structure, so it is not stable, it shakes when sliding, which remind users to be careful. And when it is been touched, the reflection stripes will reflect light to user’s hands. Users can even hear the sound. Everything is about enhanced this interactive experience. 

Project Year:  2017/11

Project Size:  3.6*7 ft 

▽Reflection and Movement